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Author Topic: Can you add to the list of sextant numbers?  (Read 182823 times)

Martin X. Moleski, SJ

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Re: Can you add to the list of sextant numbers?
« Reply #420 on: May 01, 2017, 08:56:39 AM »

The mysterious "Weems 805W" on the inspection certificate is tantalizing.

I did a Google search for "Weems 805W," which turned up one result:
"The One That Got Away" by "The Ghost of Gardner Island."

He identifies the instrument as a Byrd sextant. 

"A Byrd sextant was aboard the NC-4, the U.S. Navy Curtiss seaplane that made the first-ever flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1919.  But by the mid-1920s, the Byrd sextant had been replaced by other types of bubble sextants."

The Ghost reads the class on the inspection certificate as "aeronautical."  I think "aviation" is a better reading of the handwriting.  But the idea is the same.  The Ghost and I both think that the instrument in the box is Brandis 6006, while the inspection certificate is for the (now lost) 5996. 

The article is well worth reading for the other information it gives about Weems, Byrd, and the development of bubble sextants.

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