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Title: Recent podcasts about Amelia
Post by: Brian Tannahill on July 12, 2017, 06:13:02 PM
In the last few days a couple of podcasts relating to Amelia Earhart have been published. 

Both of these are worth hearing:

Dan Snow of Dan Snow's History Hit has an interview with Amelia Rose Earhart (https://www.acast.com/dansnowshistoryhit/theameliaearhartmystery-ameliaroseearhart) (she's very distantly related to the aviator).  The occasion for the interview was the photo of two people who are not Fred and Amelia at Jaluit Harbor, but most of the conversation is about Amelia's legacy and why she still inspires people today.

I haven't listened to any other episodes of Dan Snow's podcast (http://www.historyhit.com/podcasts/dan-snows-history-hit/) but there are episodes on aviation and naval topics that might be interesting.

Episode 3 of the Chasing Earhart podcast (https://soundcloud.com/user-102693009/a-conversation-with-ric-gillespie) is a two-hour interview with Ric Gillespie. 

Episode 1 of Chasing Earhart (https://www.chasingearhart.com/podcast) is an interview with Tom King and was mentioned here before (https://tighar.org/smf/index.php?topic=1942.0).