Volume 11 Number 4
December 31, 1995
Stand By – Electra Radios


Originally scheduled for this issue of TIGHAR Tracks, the concluding installment of our series on the Earhart Electra is waiting on further research. Parts One (TIGHAR Tracks Vol. 11 No. 2) and Two (TIGHAR Tracks Vol. 11 No. 3) traced the many changes in the external appearance of Lockheed 10E Special c/n 1055 from its delivery in July of 1936 to its disappearance a year later. Part Three will document the evolution of the airplane’s internal fuel and communications systems and that (surprise, surprise) is proving to be very difficult indeed. So far, we have most of the fuel system documented through Bureau of Air Commerce inspection reports, a few photographs and a blueprint schematic found in the Purdue University Archive Special Collection. The communications gear is proving much tougher to pin down, in part because of the many post-loss proclamations by various parties as to what radios and accessories were and were not aboard for the final flight. We’re getting there, but it’s taking longer than we thought it would. We’ll publish Part Three as soon as we’re sure we’ve got it right.


The Tax-Man Cometh


As the end of the year and tax-time approach, please take a few minutes to review your TIGHAR receipts. Due to changes in the tax laws, effective for 1995, you can no longer take a deduction for any donation in excess of $249.99 without a receipt. If you have made such a donation to TIGHAR and do not have a receipt, please call or write Pat and a new one will be issued immediately.

Receipts are issued for all donations made to TIGHAR. If you do not have a receipt for every check you have sent, let us know and we will be happy to provide duplicates.

Thanks for your generosity this past year. Happy holidays!




Change is once more coming upon us in the computer world. Due to lack of maintenance time here at headquarters, we have decided to abandon the TIGHAR Bulletin Board. Instead, we are going to put a home page on the World Wide Web. This will be a much more flexible and wide-reaching medium for us, and will also free up a little table space in the mail room.

We don’t expect to be able to get the home page up and running before about the end of January. That gives us the time to find out from you what you would like to see there – all ideas gratefully accepted.

Until our web site is ready, TIGHAR’s Email address is: info@tighar.org

This address is accessible from all other systems, as far as we know. We are able to access all major networks and the Internet from AOL and can send Email across all the boundaries. So keep those flashes and postings coming, and we’ll let you know as soon as our home page is ready to roll.

The bulletin board hardware, all of it donated, will be stored against a need to do DOS processing. If no such need is encountered inside 6 months, we will donate the system to a local school. Thanks to everyone who donated hardware to the TIGHAR BBS, and to everyone who signed on and used it. See you on the Web.


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