Niku 7
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Niku VIII is now scheduled for June, 2015, with a greatly expanded team and mission. Check back soon for more.
Jim Linder
Jim Linder
Business Executive
Siler City, North Carolina

Jim is an experienced diver and a former U.S. Navy pilot with a strong background in missing aircraft investigations. He completed the Aviation Archaeology Field School in 2013 and has first-hand experience with Lockheed Electra wreckage.
Lee Paynter
Lee Paynter
Business Executive
Atglen, Pennsylvania

Lee is an experienced diver and has a strong aviation background, including long-distance ocean flying in light twin-engine aircraft. He completed the Aviation Archaeology Field School in 2013 and has first-hand experience with Lockheed Electra wreckage.

John Clauss

Andrew McKenna

Lonnie Schorer

Bill Carter


Andrew Sanger
Andrew Sanger
Real Estate Manager
Brooklyn, New York

Andrew completed the Aviation Archaeology Field School in 2011. He was a Sponsor Team Member on the 2012 Niku VII expedition and, as such, has many hours of experience searching the underwater reef slope at Nikumaroro.
Gary Quigg
Gary Quigg
Crawfordsville, Indiana

Gary has been a member of TIGHAR since 1990. He runs TIGHAR’s Contract Services division and is an instructor for our Aviation Archaeology Field Schools. His TIGHAR expedition travels have taken him to Maine, Newfoundland, Alaska, Idaho, Yap, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and five times to Nikumaroro. He has first-hand experience with Lockheed Electra wrecks in Alaska and Idaho.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Jersey City, New Jersey

Mark is an award-winning cinematographer who has been documenting TIGHAR expeditions and research trips since 2001. He has been to Nikumaroro four times, and his work has been featured in two Discovery Channel specials about TIGHAR expeditions. Mark too has hands-on experience with Electra wreckage. His long association with the Earhart Project makes him a valuable member of the research team as well as a cameraman.
Ric Gillespie
Ric Gillespie
TIGHAR Executive Director
Oxford, Pennsylvania

This will be Ric’s eleventh trip to Nikumaroro .

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