Position Two, Page Two

RED = transmissions by Itasca in Morse.
GREEN = transmissions by Itasca in voice.
GREY = references to attempts by others to communicate with Earhart.
BLUE = unsuccessful attempts to receive Earhart.
DARK BLUE = receptions from Earhart.
BLACK = administrative notes or transmissions.
MAGENTA = Unknown item.

Repeated weather on phone 0308
Nothing heard from Earhart 15/18
Sent weather at 30
AAAAAA from ITASCA Howland 34/
Repeated weather on phone on 3105 35
Earhart heard on the phone; will listen on the hour and the half on 3105, she says 45/4--
Broadcast weather on phone, 3105 0400
Repeated weather on key on 3105 KCS 02
Earhart unheard 15/18
Broadcast weather on key and phone 30/35
Sent weather in code and on phone on 3105 KCS.(Heard Earhart (partly cloudy) 53-0500
Earhart not heard 15-18
Sent weather on phone and key, 3105 30-35
Not heard during this period (setting on 3105 at all times) 45-50
Sent weather in code on key on 3105 KCS 0600-05
Wants bearing on 3105 KCS on the hour; will whistle into mic 14
About two hundred miles out, approximately. Whistling now 15
Sent AAAAAAAITASCA on 7500; listening throughout on 3105 30-
Called Earhart on 3105 voice phone 36
Sent AAAAAAAAA ITASCA ITASCA to KHAQQ; please acknowledge on 3105 41
Please take bearing on us and report in half hour 45
I will make noise in mike ---- About 100 miles out 46
AAAAAAAAAA on 7500 0705/
AAAAAAAAAA on 3105 08/12
AAAAAAAAAA ITASCA etc. on 7500 12-14
Phone to Earhart: we cannot take a bearing on 3105 very well; please send on 500, or do you wish to take a bearing on us? Go ahead please. No answer. 18
KHAQQ from ITASCA A-s sent; go ahead on 3105. Unanswered. 19-24
HANDWRITTEN NOTATION: Bellarts relieved by Galten.  
KHAQQ from Itasca please go ahead on 3105 KCS. Unanswered.
Chief Radioman Bellarts DC is now on the Itasca's main Direction Finder on 500 KCS.
KHAQQ from ITASCA, A-s sent; Go ahead on 3105. Unanswered. 26-9
KHAQQ from Itasca. Please reply to our signals on key, please. Unanswered. 30
KHAQQ from ITASCA, A-s. 31-4
KHAQQ from ITASCA, A-s, 7500 KCS 35-40
KHAQQ from ITASCA, A-s, 3105 KCS 41
KHAQQ calling Itasca. We must be on you but cannot see you, but gas is running low. We have been unable to reach you by radio. We are flying at 1000 feet. 42
KHAQQ from ITASCA. Received your message, received at signal strength five. Received A-s (on 500 and 3105). Go ahead. Unanswered. 43-6
KHAQQ from ITASCA. Received your message, received at signal strength five. Received A-s (on 3105). 47-8
KHAQQ from Itasca. Your message ok, please reply with voice, voice on 3105. A-s from ITASCA on modulated CW. 49-50-57
KHAQQ calling Itasca. We are circling but cannot hear you. Go ahead on 7500 with a long count, either now or on the scheduled time on half hour (KHAQQ at signal strength five on voice).
KHAQQ from ITASCA, sending A-s on 7500. Go ahead on 3105.
KHAQQ calling Itasca. We received your signals but were unable to get a minimum. Please take a bearing on us and answer on 3105 with voice. Itasca from KHAQQ, long dashes on 3105. 0800-3
Howland Island from Itasca, please respond.  
Howland Island reports that no signals are heard on 3105 and it is impossible to work ITA/R.  
KHAQQ from Itasca. Your signals received ok. We are unable to hear you to take a bearing. It is impractical to take a bearing on your voice on 3105. How do you get that? Go ahead. Unanswered, 3105. 05
KHAQQ from ITASCA. Go ahead on 3105 or 500 K. 7500. 06

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