Position One, Page Three

RED = transmissions by Itasca in Morse.
GREEN = transmissions by Itasca in voice.
GREY = references to attempts by others to communicate with Earhart.
BLUE = unsuccessful attempts to receive Earhart.
DARK BLUE = receptions from Earhart.
BLACK = administrative notes or transmissions.
MAGENTA = Unknown item.

O'Hare, Radioman 3rd Class, last entry at this time. Chief Radio Man (Bellarts) standing by at all times. 0658
Working Howland on key and phone. 0700-03
Sending A's on 7500 KCS as per schedule. 05 [?]
Shifted to 3105 now. 08
Now on 7500. 12
Back to 3105, A's, etc. 14
Calling Earhart on 3105 phone now. No answer. Sending A's on 3105 now 15-17
On phone now; Come in please. 23
Told her to call on 3105. 27
Calling constantly on 3105 on phone and key. Thompson, Radioman Third Class is on D/F. 30
Earhart on now; says she is running out of gas, only 1/2 hour left, can't hear us at all. We hear her and are sending on 3105 and 500 at the same time, constantly. 40
And listening in for her frequently. 50
Still sending on 3105; voice and key. A's on key. 55
Sending constantly on 7.5 Megacycles and 3105, calling her and telling her to go ahead on 3105, that we hear her. Stopping frequently to listen in for her. Log at position NR2 keeping pertinent data. 0800 56
On 7500 again; Amelia on again at 0800, says she hears us on 7.5 Megacycles; go ahead. 57
Still sending on 7500 KCS telling her to go ahead on 3105 and sending out signals for her to observe bearings on. Maintaining listening watch on 3105 and 7500 and 500. 0908
Stop sending to tune in signals if any on 7500 and 3105. 09
Nothing heard as yet. 12
Sending on 7500 KCS telling her to answer on 500 or 3105. Repeating above constantly and listening on those frequencies. 15
Tuning on 6210 KCS; position 2 on 3105 KCS; D/F on 500 KCS. Nothing. 25
Called Howland 1 and told them to get the direction finder going at all costs; out.
Switched back to 7500.
Called Earhart on 7500 KCS and told her to answer on 3105. Am tuning now for her. 36
Tuning broadly on 7500. NR 2 tuning on 3105 KCS; NR3 on the direction finder on the bridge on 500 KCS. Unable to read her. 38
Still tuning for her; nothing heard yet. 42
KHAQQ from Itasca, several times. We can hear you good on 3105 so please give us your position and go ahead on 3105. End of message. This was spelled out in full. 45-48
Still tuning for her on 7500 KCS; nothing as yet. 51
Same 54
Same 57
Same 1000
Howland from Itasca. Get direction finder going at any cost. Repeat. Galten called Earhart on 7500 KCS and says, We heard you on 3105; keep on using 3105. Go on 3105. End. 05
Wailupe Tutuila from Itasca end. Itasca from Wailupe go ahead. Wailupe from Itasca, sent Wilaupe NR 3 and 4 SRS 30 31. Received from Wailupe at / 08
1020 1023
Received priority NR3 SRS 32 Received at 28
Back on 6210 KCS maintaining listening watch for plane 30
Relieved by Galten RM 3C. Situation same -- O'Hare RM3C 33
Word from direction finder man that Mariposa was calling Itasca on 500 34
Mariposa from Itasca QRU? QSY 600 end. Go ahead. Unanswered 35-42
Itasca from Mariposa. Mariposa from Itasca go ahead. Itasca from Mariposa, has Earhart reached Howland yet? Mariposa from Itasca, not yet. Received, thank you. 43-44
Listening on 6210 for KHAQQ; nothing. 45-50
Same 53
KHAQQ from NRUI, A's. We hear your signals OK on 3105 two hours ago. Go ahead on 3105 or 500 KCS or 7500. No answer. 55

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