Position One, Page Two

RED = transmissions by Itasca in Morse.
GREEN = transmissions by Itasca in voice.
GREY = references to attempts by others to communicate with Earhart.
BLUE = unsuccessful attempts to receive Earhart.
DARK BLUE = receptions from Earhart.
BLACK = administrative notes or transmissions.
MAGENTA = Unknown item.

O'Hare, RM 3C, last entry at 0345
Silent period 46
Itasca from Wailupe. ZNU ZNW NR2 / Received Yes NR1 NR 2 make that NR2 / Received / ZAG Out. 50
No signals 53
Point Bonita from Itasca. ZOY O ZOZ end. ZOYO. Have you established contact with plane yet? We have heard her but don't know if she hears us yet. / ZPH 3105 / PK 3105/ ZAG 58
Gave weather to Earhart on phone on 3105 0400-03
Also on key 07
No signals 10
Tuned to Earhart on 3105 KCS 13
Earhart unheard on 3105 at this time 15-20
No signals 23
Giving Earhart weather on key on 3105 26
Giving weather to Earhart on phone on 3105 35
Point Bonita from Itasca. ZOY O ZOZ. ZOY O. ZAG out. Wailupe from Itasca. ZOY O ZOZ end. ZOY O. Wailupe from Itasca. Do you hear Earhart on 3105? Yes, but can't make her out. 40
Tuned to Earhart. Hearing nothing. 45-50
Working Wailupe now. Earhart broke in on phone on 3105. Now ??? Unreadable. 55
Told Wailupe to wait, wait. 56
Sending weather to Earhart on key on 3105 57
Weather on phone. 0500
No signals 03
Wailupe from NRUI. ZPH. 3105 on phone./ Itasca from Wailupe. ZZA CW end. Received BT Point Bonita from Itasca Point Bonita from Itasca ZPH 3105 end. Itasca from Point Bonita received ZAG VA. 08
Point Bonita from Itasca ZPH 3105 end. Itasca from Point Bonita 3105 ZP K end. Received VAG VA. 10
Tuned to 3105 for Earhart signals. Nothing heard. 13-20
No signals 23
Sending weather on key to Earhart 26
Same on phone. 30
Same on key again. KHAQQ, go ahead, go ahead. 33
Nothing heard. 36
Observing schedule on 7500 KCS, A's 39-42
Tuning for Earhart on 3105 45-50
Itasca from Wailupe ZFU end. Shifting frequencies. 51
No signals 54
Itasca from Point Bonita. P BT ZWB ZWB end. Gave it to him. Itasca from Point Bonita, received. 0600
Sending weather to Earhart on key. 01
Same on phone 03
Off at 06
Tuning for her 07
Wailupe from Itasca ZOY O ZOZ. Nothing heard. ZAF ZAG. VA 10
Earhart on 3105 Now. Wants bearing on 3105 etc. 12
200 Miles out. 13
Worked Howland and passed on the information. Told them to take bearings on 3105, etc. 20-23
Tutuila, Tutuila, Itasca from Wailupe Wailupe. VVVV ZFU. 30
Sending A's on 7500 KCS/ Can't answer Wailupe yet. 33
Tutuila from Wailupe. VVVV's 34
Calling Earhart on 3105 36
No signals. 39
Earhart on now, reception fairly clear now. 42-4
Wants bearings and wants the report in 1/2 hour 47
Calling Howland 50
Gave him the information for relay to Mr. Baker, etc. 56

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