The Radio Logs of the USCG Itasca

Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms Used
in Itasca’s Radio Logs


Abbreviation Meaning
A2 MCW (modulated carrier wave)
A3 radiotelephone; voice
AAAAA the letter A sent repeatedly in morse code (dit dah, dit dah, dit dah,…)
ABT about
ABVE above
ACKN acknowledge
ANS answer
APPX approximately
AR respond
AS stand by, wait
B Did you receive?
BRDCST broadcast
CARRIER carrier wave; basic radio signal
CLDY cloudy
CLNG calling
CODE morse code
CRM Chief Radioman (Leo G. Bellarts)
CUM come
CW continuous wave, Morse code
DE from (used in morse code communications)
DPE dope; information
DU do you
ER Radioman 2nd Class Frank Cipriani (on Howland Island)
ES and
FER for
FM from (used in voice communications)
FONE radiotelephone; voice
GA Go ahead
HR hear
HRO Howland Radio Operator (Radioman 2nd Class Frank Cipriani)
HW how
INT Interrogatory; "Did I understand this part of your message correctly?"
K kilocycles
KCS kilocycles
KEY telegraph key; morse code sending device
KHAQQ radio call sign of the Earhart plane
LISSEN listen
LNG long
LNG COUNT long count. A voice radio transmission in which the speaker counts slowly from I to 10 and then back to 1.
LSNIN listening
MEGS megacycles
MIC microphone
MINIMUM In radio direction finding the loop antenna is rotated until there is a pronounced reduction in the signal strength known as a "minimum" of a "null permitting a bearing to be taken on the transmitting station.
MSG message
N north
ND nothing doing; no response
NIL nothing
NMC Coast Guard Division Headquarters at Point Bonita (San Francisco), California
NPM U.S. Navy Radio, Wailupe (Honolulu), Hawaii
NPU U.S. Navy Radio, Tutuila, American Samoa
NRUI radio call sign of USCG Itasca
NRUI2 Call sign of high frequency direction finder on Howland Island.
NRUI3 Call sign for Itasca’s main direction finder.
NW now
P priority
POSN position
PSE please
QRJ Are my signals weak?
QRM manmade interference; conflicting signals
QRU Have you anything for me?
QSA signal strength, measured 1 (barely readable) through 5 (maximum strength)
QSO signal transmission
QSY Change to transmission on ______ kcs.
R received
RELD relieved
REPT repeat
RM3C Radioman 3rd Class
RPTING repeating
S south
S5 signal strength 5 (maximum)
SEZ says
SIGS signals
SKD scheduled
T16 a type of radio transmitter aboard Itasca
TT that
U you
UNANSWD unanswered
UNANWD unanswered
UNHRD unheard
UR your
VA I have nothing more to transmit.
VY very
WEA weather
WGEN commercial station in Mariposa, California
WID with
WL will
WRK work
WX weather
XMISION transmission
XMIT transmit
Y reply
ZAB Please inform ___ that I (or ___) am calling him
ZAD ____ was calling you
ZAF I must stop to work another station. I will call you at ____ on present frequency.
ZAG I will call you again as soon as I can.
ZFU Send ‘V’s on this frequency until I break you.
ZNU Number ___ is blank
ZNW Your number ___ not received, repeat or make blank.
ZOY I have ___ messages waiting to be executed.
ZOZ [inferred] Do you have any messages waiting to be executed?
ZPH What is my signal strength?
ZPJ Your signal strength is ___ but unreadable due to echo effects.
ZWB Request priority of flying weather conditions in your vicinity.
ZZA No, nothing.

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