Artifact #: 2-6-S-21f
Artifact Name: Anode Structure base
Identified: Yes No   Tentative: High Confidence   Low Confidence  

Anode base from a vacuum tube.

Thanks to Tom Brent, a collector of military radio equipment.

Anode plate“The artifact is from the anode structure of a vacuum tube. Most vacuum tubes are base-mounted and the connections (wires) for the other tube elements (filament, cathode, grids) which are mounted inside the anode envelope must come out the bottom of the anode enclosure. This particular artifact has a “wall” at the top (this in itself is a bit out of the ordinary). The square holes in the side which, as explained in the description for artifact 2-6-S-43, are part of the mechanism to hold the two halves of the assembly together. What appears to be a “clamp” where the two halves meet is indeed just that: vertical wires that are mounted solidly in base of the tube are clamped by the two halves of the anode to form a rigid supporting structure as well as to provide the electrical connection to the anode pin in the base of the tube.”

The artifact is almost certainly associated with Unit 92, the Coast Guard Loran station at the southeast tip of the island. We know that personnel from the Loran station engaged in target practice at the Seven Site on one or more occasions. We’ve found numerous M-1 carbine shell casings and broken Coast Guard mess hall plates at the site. A burned out vacuum tube would make a good target.

Physical Description:

Material:Lightweight magnetic metal. No indication of paint but the metal seems to exhibit a faintly gold color.

Weight: approximately .1 oz.

Condition: Good. Broken and somewhat deformed. No rust.

Artifact view 1 Artifact view 2
Artifact view 3  
Location: Near Slope Unit 2 of the Seven Site at SWA13.

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