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Date From To Subject Remarks
10/20/1936 C. Carroll Cone George Putnam Expiration of Earhart’s license and requirement for instrument rating.  
11/10/1936 Amelia Earhart Franklin D. Roosevelt, POTUS Aerial refueling over Midway Island  
11/16/1936 Paul Bastado CNO Forwarding Earhart’s letter to Roosevelt asking for aid in flight  
11/29/1936 E.J. King, Commander, Aircraft Base Force USN CinC U.S. Fleet Aerial refueling over Midway Island response  
12/14/1936 J. S. Wynne R.L. Campbell Construction of landing field on Howland Chief, Airports Section, Air Navigation Division, DOC
4/6/1937 Arnold E. True, LT USN CNO Weather forecasts for flight of AE Incomplete; includes logistical info but not all the weather data
4/19/1937 R.S. Boutelle, General Inspection Service Amelia Earhart Luke Field accident, failure to report Boutelle was Acting Chief of the service
4/29/1937 Ruth Hampton, DOI Richard Black, Field Rep, DOI Ordering Black to go along on the USCG vessel to Howland  
5/5/1937 George Putnam Richard Southgate, State Change of direction and route, visas and permissions Southgate was with the Division of Protocol and Conferences
5/8/1937 George Putnam W.D. Leahy, Adm USN, CNO Change in direction for flight  
5/8/1937 Richard Southgate George Putnam New letter of authority needed to resume flight.  
5/14/1937 J.M. Johnson, Ass’t Secretary of Commerce George Putnam Permission granted for flight.  
6/4/1937 George Putnam Ruth Hampton, DOI Preliminary schedule and progress  
6/7/1937 Fred Noonan Amelia Earhart handwritten notes with navigation instructions  
6/7/1937 R.R. Waesche, RADM USCG George Putnam Notification that a CG vessel will be at Howland Also asking for her schedule.
6/8/1937 Ruth Hampton, DOI George Putnam Acknowledging June 4 letter and asking about confusion concerning Howland Island arrangements  
6/9/1937 Fred Noonan Gene Pallette From Africa, overview of trip thus far  
6/9/1937 George Putnam Ruth Hampton, DOI Scheduling and other logistical arrangements  
6/16/1937 Ruth Hampton, DOI George Putnam Transmitting radiogram from Black requesting arrival information Howland  
6/17/1937 George Putnam Col. J.M. Johnson, Ass’t Secretary of Commerce Querying whereabouts of W.T. Miller and asking for his help in flight. Miller handled most of the logistics for the first attempt but was not available for the second attempt.
6/17/1937 George Putnam Ruth Hampton, DOI Informing radio protocols and asking that they be forwarded to Black.  
6/18/1937 J.M. Johnson, Ass’t Secretary of Commerce George Putnam Miller’s whereabouts and lack of availability.  
6/23/1937 George Putnam Ruth Hampton, DOI Scheduling of AE's flight from Bandeong.  
7/5/1937 Mr. Ballantine, Dept of State State, Division of Far Eastern Affairs Offer from Tsuneo Hayama, Second Secretary, Japanese Embassy, of assistance of Japanese gov't in search.  
7/5/1937 William Short, Lt USN His father The Colorado’s search A contemporaneous record, kept day-to-day and mailed July 22.
7/20/1937 Marvin MacIntyre President Roosevelt Recommending that FDR talk to Gene Vidal about the disappearance.  
7/31/1937 George Putnam Marvin MacIntyre Thanks for cooperation, and query as to Japanese activities  
8/3/1937 C.L.A. Abbott, American Consulate, Sydney Albert Doyle, State Forwarding report from Darwin regarding failure of RDF to work  
8/10/1937 Frank Kenner, USCG Eve (unknown last name) Cruise of the Itasca "As to Amelia losing herself, she had only herself to blame."
12/14/1937 J. F. Farley, USCG, Chief Communications Officer Commandant USCG Proposed Joint Rescue Procedure in aircraft distress cases  
5/5/1938 Jesse W. Lankford Memo to Registration Section Final disposition of files concerning NR16020  
6/4/1940 Capt. Irving Johnson Bessie M. Young Voyage of the yacht Yankee searching for Earhart in the Ellice and Gilbert groups  
11/18/1942 Wainright Abbott Secretary of State (U.S.) Internal Situation in Fiji Critique of Sir Harry Luke’s administration in Fiji and report on new Governor.
1968 - 1992 Fred Goerner Nina Paxton, John Lambrecht, Jon Hathaway, Tom King, Ric Gillespie, Gary Quigg Correspondence concerning the disappearance and search. This is a collection of correspondence between Fred Goerner and a number of other people, including members of TIGHAR's search teams, on the subject of the disappearance and search.
1/10/1989 Yau Fai Lum Thomas F. Gannon Memories of Howland Island during the Earhart flight. He was the radio operator at Howland at the time.
8/23/1990 Mabel Duncklee TIGHAR Hearing of radio calls from Earhart  
1990-1997 Harry Maude King, Gillespie, Goerner Nikumaroro, PISS, and theories Harry Maude was instrumental in the formation of PISS, and is acknowledged as the leading scholar and historian of the last expansion of the British Empire.
10/5/1999 Foua Tofinga Thomas F. King, Ph.D. Meaning of words seen in the sand on Sydney A couple of other questions as well.
1999–2007 Sir Ian Thomson Thomas F. King, Ph.D. Letters exchanged between Sir Ian and Tom King concerning the WPHC and leads to evidence. Sir Ian was ADC to Sir Harry Luke in 1941, and accompanied Sir Harry to the Phoenix Islands.
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