TBD Devastor Survey

The Jaluit Survey
From May 8 to 11, 2004 TIGHAR conducted an archaeological survey of WWII aircraft wrecks in Jaluit lagoon in accordance with the purpose, scope and limitations set out in our proposal dated February 26, 2004 and with the contract awarded to Principal Investigator Dr. Thomas F. King by the Historic Preservation Office dated May 4, 2004. A $150 Access To Submerged Resources fee and a $1,000 refundable security deposit were paid. The HPO Assistant Archæologist Josepha Maddison-Hill accompanied the TIGHAR survey to Jaluit at TIGHAR's expense.

The survey team was made up of:

team portrati
TIGHAR TBD Survey Team, l. to r.: Richard Gillespie, Russell Matthews, Rob Barrel, Mark Smith, Van Hunn, Brian Kirk, Dr. Tommy Love. TIGHAR photo.

Richard Gillespie – executive director of TIGHAR and expedition leader
Van Hunn – project coordinator and senior diver
Dr. Tommy Love – physician and diver
Russell Matthews – documentary field producer and diver
Rob Barrel – underwater cameraman
Mark Smith – topside cameraman

Dr. King was available for consultation via satellite telephone throughout the survey.

Dive support and guide services were provided by Brian Kirk of Consolidated Concrete Construction, Majuro. Specialized safety equipment and dive gear was provided by Bako Divers, Majuro. Security services were provided by Jaluit Police Chief Lee Jabuwe.

The TIGHAR survey examined and filmed each of the five underwater sites specified in the original proposal. No significant difficulties were encountered, there were no injuries, and all of the survey’s objectives were accomplished. Numerous onshore sites were also filmed and several Jaluit residents and former residents were interviewed on camera about their wartime experiences. In addition, TIGHAR delivered a shipment of medical supplies to Jaluit Medical Officer Ken Jetton in Jabor and over a ton of educational supplies, courtesy of TIGHAR, arrived in Majuro, was apportioned for distribution to the atoll’s various schools by the Ministry of Education, and was shipped to Jaluit on May 21, 2004.

To see film of the World War II Relics of Jaluit Lagoon, Click HERE.

Japanese Aircraft
American Aircraft I
American Aircraft II

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